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    Jamaica National Bird

    The Jamaican National Bird is called the Doctor Bird. It is one of 320 species of hummingbird and the most unique.

    The Jamaican Coat of Arms was granted to Jamaica in 1661 under Royal Warranty.
    Out of many, One people.

    National Fruit of Jamaica

    The National Fruit of Jamaica is the Ackee which was imported to the Island from West Africa.

    What We Offer

    Cruiselin Car Rentals wants you to have the utmost comfort. We offer efficient services to ensure your wellbeing on the road. These services are also cost-effective as we don’t compromise on giving you a qualitative experience.

    Reserve Your Comfort

    Want to rent your desired vehicle? Check out our simple and worry-free registration process. Cruiselin Car Rentals has made it incredibly easy for you to ride your preferred vehicle. Don’t miss out on this amazing road experience.

    Know Your Vehicle

    Want to gain knowledge about the vehicle before renting? Cruiselin Car Rentals gives you a transparent analysis and specification of each vehicle. These stats and numbers will give you a better understanding of which vehicle suits your requirements.