6 Best Places to Visit When Planning a Trip to Jamaica

January 5, 2022
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January 5, 2022
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Christopher Columbus gave the world a gift in the shape of discovering unheard-of lands. One of the beautiful lands he found is what we now know as Jamaica.

As the most distinguished island of the Caribbean, Jamaica holds attractions hard to forget any time sooner. In fact, in a world where people seek instagrammable places, Jamaica automatically becomes the first choice for vacationers. And rightly so, with heavenly beaches, swaying palm trees to shadow your long walk, mountains, rivers, and cactus-covered savannah plains, not to mention the explosively real reggae scenery – is there anything better to be?

We don’t think so, which brings us to the first question of this blog.


Are You Planning a Road Trip in Jamaica?

Because if you haven’t still, this blog is going to give you ample ideas about the best places to visit in Jamaica.

Whether you’re deciding on a solo trip, taking friends or family, these places are sure to give you a lifetime of memories.

So, settle in, (yes, snacks are welcome!) and get ready to know the destinations you need to hit when planning a road trip in Jamaica.


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6 Best Places to Visit in Jamaica for a Memorable Vacation



Jamaica hosts a population of more than three million. A quarter of this population lives in Kingston – the capital city and the largest on the island.

Kingston is a treasure cove for history lovers, making it top of the list. As a city that connects history with modernism, you can find a stream of luxuries to soothe your aesthetic sense, like hotels, spa resorts, and others.

However, the biggest reason you should visit Kingston is to learn about reggae music and culture. In fact, the world-renowned artist Bob Marley started his musical career here.

While we’re talking about Bob Marley, the city is home to the Bob Marley Museum as well – a must-visit of all times.

With scenic beaches, resorts, and affordable accommodations, there’s no place as befitting as Kingston to start your road trip from.


Montego Bay

If you’re a nightlife lover, Montego Bay is your go-to place to visit when planning a road trip in Jamaica.

Why do we say that?

Well, once you’ve checked into the nightclubs, shopping malls, beaches, and golf courses here, you’ll be singing the same tune happily.


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Blue Mountains

A heavenly place for nature lovers and even photographers, the Blue Mountains is one of Jamaica’s most peaceful places to visit. Its majestic sunsets, breathtaking and bluish panoramic view is what sets the place apart. In fact, it’s named after the color it reflects upon distant viewing.

The best way to enjoy the most out of the Blue Mountains is to hike up the peak as the moon comes out and witness the dawn waving at you.



When life gives you lemons, make lemonade instead of throwing them away. 

 So, when tied down with your work stress and looking for the best places to visit in Jamaica to refuel your lost energy, consider Negril.

With pubs, live reggae music, and a vibe as ideal as it can get for peace-seekers, you can regain and recharge while sipping a cocktail at the beach.


Ocho Rios

Something is soothing about watching the waterfall down the steam. It’s like watching your life story at full speed, except there’s no stopping the waterfall.

That’s what Ocho Rios offers vacationers – a chance to take a step back from the eccentricities of the day and appreciate life.

So, take the time to visit Dunns River Falls or other sites like Dover Raceway.


The South Coast

We’ve saved the best for the last.

The South Coast is intimate, exciting, and carries everything you need for a refreshing and relaxing vacation trip. There’s Treasure Beach to visit, YS Falls to feel mesmerized at, and birdwatching opportunities to immerse into.

Fun fact: Tourists believe that The South Coast holds healing mineral spring waters.

While we’re not endorsing the belief, it’s worth trying to see if it works, won’t you agree? 😉


What’s the Best Time to Visit Jamaica?

With all that’s said, it’s crucial to know when you can make the most of your vacations.

If you’re a beach lover, the best time to visit Jamaica is from mid-December to April. That’s because, during this time, the weather is ideal for a dip in the sea.

However, if you’re more into cost-effective packages and looking for some quiet time in the off-season, your best time to visit the island is between November and mid-December.

Here’s another option to make your road trip the most unforgettable one to date.

Instead of going through the hassle of buying your own car, look for the best car rental services in Jamaica. Not only is it affordable, but it gives you the opportunity to drive your favorite luxury car.


So, What Next?

Now that you know the six best places to visit in Jamaica, your next step should be finding a car rental guide. But don’t worry as you can find the best ones with us at Cruiselin Car Rentals. We’ll make sure you return from vacation with a big smile on your face.

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