Road Accidents — Next Steps

May 11, 2023
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May 11, 2023
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May 11, 2023

In the event of an accident, the Road Safety Unit (RSU) of the Ministry of Transport and Mining, has provided a set of instructions for motorists to follow.


The first action is to stop at the scene, take photos or videos of any tyre marks on the road, positions of the vehicles, and retrieve the following information:

  • Full name and contact information of drivers involved
  • Insurance company and policy number
  • Driver’s licence and licence plate number
  • Type, colour and model of vehicle
  • Location of crash
  • Identify witness(es) and get contact information

Report the incident, within 24 hours, to the police station nearest to your home or to the site of the collision.

Itis also helpful if persons involved in an accident get the name, regulation number and station assigned to the police officer on the scene of an accident. This information will be used when filing a police report.

Essential Documents

The following documents are required by the authorities:

  • Driver’s licence
  • Registration certificate
  • Fitness certificate
  • Insurance certificate
  • Licence plate number or the chassis number

If the vehicle involved is a public passenger or commercial vehicle, the road licence must be presented.

General Tips

  • Never leave the scene of an accident. If the other driver leaves, write down their licence plate number so the authorities can locate them.
  • Stay calm. Check yourself for injuries then check on the well-being of your passengers. Confirm no cone is hurt, then check for damage. You might be pressured at the scene to make snap decisions but take the time you need to assess the situation.
  • Check surroundings. Watch for oncoming traffic and turn on your hazard lights. If possible, set up flares or reflectors.
  • Limit movement. If there are any injuries, limit movement as this may cause further damage.
  • Travel with a first aid kit. Motorists should always have a first aid kit on hand. It is also recommended that they have emergency numbers on hand (Jamaica Fire Brigade 110/112, Ambulance 911, and Police 119).

For additional information, contact:

Ministry of Transport and Mining
Road Safety Unit
145 Maxfield Ave, Kingston 10
Telephone: 876-754-2811
Twitter: @roadsafetyja

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